Volleyball Training Aid – Original Spike Trainer


“Everyone has the will to win; few have the will to train to win.”

Fun, Innovative Training Tool to help your player get more kills!



Economy Spike Stick – w/white PVC Pole-  Foam Colors Vary

Fun Innovative Training Tool to Gain Confidence in Attacking the Ball.

Give the spiker a perfect set every time!

Helps your player to Jump Higher and Hit Harder

Great for Teaching Proper Spike Technique

  • Arm Swing
  • Extension
  • Approach

Use for:

  • Home Practice
  • Team Practice
  • Camps

Helps athletes get more kills!

  • Lightweight:  Less than 2 lbs.
  • Durable:  PVC Pole with quality foam ball holder
  • Safe:  Foam ball holder protects the hand on miss hits
  • Convenient:  Extends to 4 1/2ft.  Breaks down to  2 1/2ft. for easy transport in backpack

Testimony:  “After practicing with the Spike Stick for 3 days my 11 yr. old daughter had three spikes in her next game while having none in the previous 7 games.  It gave her the confidence needed to attack the set instead of just bumping it over. ” 

Start Right Sports designs and manufactures the spike trainers.

We stand behind our product.  30 day money back guarantee!



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