Portable Pitching Mound 10″ – Highschool & Up

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Portable & Lightweight

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Be Pitching in 2-5 Days


Truly portable and lightweight pitching mound made to regulation size for High School pitchers and up.

Designed & Built by an experienced Coach and Craftsman.  Our company specialize in training tools for the young athlete.  Over 1000 mounds sold online. 

    • GREAT FOR HOME PRACTICE:  Sets up in seconds and folds back up in seconds for storage.
    • TEAM PRACTICE:  working pitchers and catchers while the rest of the team has the field.
    • GAME TIME:  pre-game warmup and bull pen while the game is in progress.


  • TRAINING:  teaches pitchers to step toward the plate w/ the narrower landing area of 24″.  Platform is wide enough to start the pitching motion to the side when pitching from the wind up.  
  • LESSONS: can accommodate adult’s weight when demonstrating correct pitching techniques.


  • Weighs approximately 70 pounds total.  Wind up section is approx. 28 pounds, slope section is approx. 42 pounds. 

Regulation Slope: 1″/1ft.   

*Landing area is on the mound with the correct slope for accurate game simulation and also saves stress on the arm.   

6’6″ from pitching plate to end of mound.

Total Length:  8 ft.

Two piece construction for easy transport in a car, SUV or truck.

*Secures together with latches.

*Comes w/handles and latches serve a dual role to connect the hinged slope section together so it doesn’t open up when transporting.

Covering:  Heavy duty, double backed AstroTurf.  Covering is wrapped under so the edges do not start to peel back and fray when athletes shoes catch the edge over time. 

Sanded edges to avoid splinters.



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